Ottawa is taking a stand
against being called vanilla. So they launched “Not Vanilla” ice cream to prove just how cool Ottawa can
be! They had a Popup here in Toronto over the weekend and gave out tons of free #icecream w/ unique flavours such as: ● Rideauculous​ (Peppercorn + Plum) ● Roam Sweet Roam​ (Vegan Coffee + Date) ● ByWard ByNight​ (Smoked Caramel + Bitters) ● Urban Splash​ (Hops + Honey) ● Ottawild​ (Apple + Elderflower frozen yogurt)
Who knew Ottawa could be so #notvanilla. I went for ice cream and left with my plans for the next long
weekend. Going to get my #UrbanSplash on this summer! #NotVanilla #sponsored #ad #OttawaEats