Butter Avenue | Macaron

@butteravenue is celebrating Valentine’s day w/ “The Box of Hearts” • 6 exquisite new #macaron flavours in an elegantly designed new red & gold box!

1. Irish Coffee (white): Baileys ganache.

2. Amaretto Sour (light pink): Amaretto cream, bergamot jam.

3. Strawberry Cream (pink): Wild strawberry ganache.

4. Riesling (red): Riesling ganache, apricot.

5. Dark Chocolate (purple): St. Dominque 70% dark chocolate ganache.

6. Rose Petal (light purple): rose water ganache. “The Box Of Hearts” will be available for pre-orders only @ WWW.BUTTERAVENUE.COM
Only 500 boxes will be made this year.

#valentinesday #partner