World Vision | #HungerFree Event

@Worldvisioncan #HUNGERFREE Dinner • The event last night was to help create a symphony of virtual noise to give Africa’s hunger crisis the attention it deserves…and hopefully one day the whole World can be #HungerFree.

We also had the opportunity to listen and learn from the passionate and talented @dennistheprescott

You can be a part of the movement & text “Hunger” to 45678 to donate $5. Together, we can create a #HungerFree world. Just did it myself…so easy! Let’s make some noise!   IMG_20171014_123455_014IMG_20171014_123455_023IMG_20171014_123455_013IMG_20171014_123455_015IMG_20171014_123455_069IMG_20171014_123455_010